healing touch

      mindful movement

          empowering through awareness


To touch is to give life.


Each massage is a unique experience, we are not living in the exact same body we were yesterday.  The modalities and techniques utilized in each massage are customized to meet your desired goals for the session.


At times that means creating a deep sense of peace; you leave the table feeling lighter, yet grounded.


Other times you are seeking immediate relief for a painful shoulder or low back, the tools utilized for this type of massage will match your needs;  you move through the rest of your day with ease and fluidity. 

We work together in facilitating your body's natural ability to heal. 

The effects of regular massage are cumulative.

Through consistent self-care practices such as massage, we become more aware of and therefore able to respond to the body's subtle messages; before experiencing symptoms.


Our bodies communicate to us

  clearly and specifically,

     if we are willing to listen.

               ~ Shakti Gawain

Yoga is one of the most extraordinary spiritual sciences that mankind has ever discovered. Awakening the light within can illumine the whole of our lives with great meaning.


The yoga poses, or asanas, are a wonderful way to begin the inward journey. As we integrate body-mind-spirit, we uncover layers of the self and connect to a deep inner strength and understanding. Life feels easier. 

Feel the inner peace, a quiet mind, your connection to a higher power; it begins with a deep calling from within, there is something more to this life than my job, my roles in life, my mind and my body. 

A private yoga session can serve multiple purposes; your desires and goals drive the outcome. 


What you seek is seeking you.

          ~ Rumi

We experience vitality when there is a harmonious exchange of energy and information between our individual body and our environment.​

Our body is an energy field composed of pathways (nadi’s in Ayurvedic science or meridians in Chinese medicine) and energy centers (Chakras), that are in constant communication with our cells, organs, and brain.

When our energy is disrupted, weakened or blocked, we experience symptoms such as fatigue, unhappiness, and illness.

Energy healing stimulates energy pathways, shifting the physical, mental and emotional states, activating the body’s natural healing abilities.

Energy healing sessions feel good! Most people feel warm sensations moving throughout the body while their awareness shifts to quiet observer.  The outcome is a deep sense of peace and relaxation. The more we experience a relaxed, stress-free state, the more we invite vitality into all aspects of our lives.