Experience Private Yoga

Purposeful Yoga

You want to move better, have more energy​, commit to self-care and include daily movement in your life...


This unique and personalized approach to movement and growth benefits those who:

  • struggle to maintain a consistent exercise program 

  • know that outdated thought patterns and habits related to food and nutrition are not serving you

  • think that traditional modes of exercise feel forced or unnatural to your body 


You are ready, willing and able to:

  • give your single-pointed focus to yourself

  • create new, sustainable, health-promoting habits 

  • discover what brings you effortless joy

  • love living in your body

Through specific movement practices coupled with the power of intention, you gain access to a deep inner strength, beginning in the physical body, moving into the mind and connecting with your essence. 

Attending a yoga class has been on your mind for long time, ease into that goal by working one-on-one with me first!

Receiving personal, hands-on guidance as you begin a yoga practice has immense benefits: 

  • insures you are safe in each pose; repeatedly performing any movement with poor alignment stresses joints, ligaments and muscles, and over time, may lead to injury

  • learn how the movement of breath links each pose and provides stamina

  • learn how to quickly and easily drop into meditation, a fundamental part of yoga


Receiving the full attention and intention of a caring teacher facilitates a deeper opening and learning of the self.

Are you already practicing yoga but feel at risk for injury? Maybe the front of your shoulder hurts as you lower into chaturanga or your hamstrings are painfully tight no matter how many down-dogs you do? 
  • Alignment matters!! Each person has individual alignment needs based on their body size and shape.

  • Working with a hands-on teacher helps you see and feel into the body from a new perspective

  • Prevent or heal from common yoga injuries through an individually designed yoga practice 


Let's figure it out together so that you can continue a life-long practice of yoga!

One Hour Private Yoga with Resistance Stretching

 Session $85